Yoga is about body, mobility, and mindfulness. Understanding how to move your body can help you perform better in other sport related activities. Any functional fitness program will include balance, mobility, and control. Yoga helps improve these areas using muscle memory and multiple movement patterns. True Peak has three different forms of yoga offerings available to help you get stronger and more flexible. Sign up today and start getting your flow on!


Target both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body to help increase circulation, hydrate the tissues, and increase flexibility and mobility. Throughout this class multiple types of breathing practices will be used to promote overall relaxation.

Slow Flow / Deep Stretch

Stretch the entire body allowing the muscles to relax, lengthen, and increase flexibility. The class is composed of a mix of standing and seated poses with longer holds and a focus on the breath.

Slow Flow / Deep Stretch

Begin with a light flow series through multiple poses that are great for stretching, strength and increasing balance, all while synchronizing your breath to different movements. We end this class with Yin, slowing down and holding postures for longer periods of time to work deep into the connective tissues and joints, leaving your mind and body feeling refreshed.

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