What Our Gym Offers



Forging Elite Health & Fitness, we have Personalized the Group CrossFit Class Experience. Taking into account your experience, ability, and age you will receive precise scales and direction to keep you motivated and shatter all your health & fitness goals in record time!



Barbell Club

Supplement your weekly training routine with engaging sessions that encompass USA weight lifting, powerlifting, and other modalities.



Nutrition Mastery

You can’t outwork a bad diet. Master your Nutrition with custom meal plans and programs designed to get you to lose weight, burn fat, and for those that want… “get jacked”. Learn how to eat for your goal with real food that is sustainable! Have “bad food” and don’t feel bad! 




We all live busy hectic lives but we know we need slow down at times. When it comes to fitness the same can be said. You can’t just hit the gym hard ALL the time. You need to have a balance. We help you find that and offer weekly Yoga classes to do so. Calm your body and mind while improving your mobility!



Personal Training

Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability, that’s the core for all of our programs here at True Peak. Sign up for Personal Training Sessions to receive the highest level of all three around and get Guaranteed Results!


Remote Training

You understand the importance of being health but gyms just don’t work with your schedule or you just don’t like gyms at all! If so this program is your go to.  Work 1-on-1 with a personal coach that will provide you Personalized Nutrition, Weekly Accountability, and Tailored Workouts to get the best results no matter your age, ability, or location! Get Started Today!


What Is Your Goal?

Health & Longevity – Nutrition, Strength, Endurance, Mobility

If health, longevity, and an overall desire to look and feel good are your top priorities we’ve got you covered! All True Peak Members are assigned to a Guaranteed Result program based on their strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals. From there a step by step road map is developed to provide you answers on how to continue to improve strength, endurance, mobility & body composition. Our expert team will help you become best version of you, both in and out of the gym.

Weight Loss

Feeling frustrated trying to lose weight and looking for answers. With custom meal plans that help learn you how to eat for your goal with real food (that’s also delicious – I’m talking french toast and pancakes kind of delicious!) to make it sustainable and an experienced accountability coach to ensure success, the new friends you’ll meet along your journey will be the cherry on top! Get started today and be the change you seek!

Burn Fat/Tone

Tired of that stubborn last bit of fat around your hips, thighs, stomach and want get to your goal once and for all! Learn what it takes nutritionally and see how much expertly crafted workouts with professional coaches can impact your health and physique.

Athletic Performance / Weekend Warrior

Winter is for skiing, spring is for climbing, summer (& fall) is for mountain biking, and fall is for hiking – however you want to spin it you want to be ready for, and excel at all of it! CrossFit is the perfect strength and conditioning program to keep you fit, healthy, and ready for all that New Hampshire and the outdoors has to offer. Even if you’re chained to a desk each day, daily CrossFit attendance has a proven track record of delivering an unparalleled level of fitness to enable you to go play outside with confidence. 

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